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(designed for individuals, festivals, schools, universities & businesses)

Gordon Wride

BA (Hons)

Diploma European Humanities

Swansea University & Open University, Wales UK 1994 - 2000

(majors in world arts/cultures, contemporary & classical music)

Former BBC Radio Wales Presenter

Member Of The Musicians Union


Music Teachers

Ideal for young bands trying to find their way in the music world!

The Blues Workshop is specially tailored to your needs, no matter who you are, business, schools, festivals or an individual who just wants to be a successful gigging blues musician!

Learn the basics to intermediate on blues guitar, open tunings, slide guitar, find out about the blues song structure, and the rhythms. Why did the blues become such a driving force in contemporary music, discuss issues such as: why did musicians leave Mississippi where the blues began - and travel to Chicago, Detroit, and other industrial cities - then cross the Atlantic to the UK in the 50's. Where did the blues start was it Mali, Mississippi or even Europe, there are some interesting debates on this subject!

This is also a hands on experience of a journey into the minds and ideas of a Mississippi blues man, we will even make a bottleneck slide during our day or weekend!

We can travel for weekend workshops any where in the UK or Europe, we are working regularly in Porto, Portugal!

Individuals can come to our studio in Swansea where we can record or video your performances, or we can travel to you and start the blues journey in the comfort of your own home - within the South Wales area.

At every workshop there will be amplifiers, guitars, percussion and microphones, all you need to perform at gig level - an ideal place to learn to jam the blues!

Team Building is a speciality for businesses, either a full day or even a weekend - no need to be able to play instruments. All facets of the blues will be discussed and participated in, from how to play the blues, singing and learning the history of the blues - by the end of workshop the group will be performing a classic blues song - and discussing topics like 'did Robert Johnson really sell his soul at the crossroads! '

We also perform school & university workshops, this is especially interesting for A level students who are thinking of going on to do a cultural based degree - or even younger students who are interested in the roots of contemporary music. If you are in the middle of a cultural based degree or Diploma, treat the experience as a lecture take notes and use for your assignments!

At every blues workshop we will making a bottleneck slide for every participant, either bring your own personal bottle - or use one we have at hand. This is a very interesting technique of creating a slide - and always good fun, with a reminder to take home of the blues journey you have been on!

Gordon Wride has toured the UK & Europe for many years as a blues musician and tour manager and will be your tutor on the blues journey, he has worked with BBC Radio Wales as a presenter and researcher for The True Blues Show! Tour managed many American and British blues artists, and runs the very successful Slim's Blues - (quote by BBC Radio Wales) ' Gordon Wride is a leading academic on the genre of The Blues'


Email : info@slimsblues.com
Mobile: 07880 697388
Tel: 01792 202745

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